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About Silvota Industrial Park

General Services

The Silvota Industrial Park is a business and economical area located in the Principality of Asturias (Llanera). It's situated in the center of the Province and nearby towns Oviedo - Gijón - Aviles.

Silvota area is strategically located for principal air, sea, railway and road transport links.Mainline railway services are available from Lugo de Llanera. Travel time to Oviedo is around 10 minutes.

Tecnical data

About our association

Private Security

Contact Information


+34 985 265 327

Water network

Waste management

Gardening and street cleaning

Baby school day care

Meeting rooms

Business advice

Street lighting

Business directory

Asociación de Empresarios del Polígono de Silvota


Centro de Servicios del Polígono de Silvota

C/Peña Santa s/n

Polígono de Silvota

33192 Llanera. Asturias

Emergency coordination

The Silvota's Entrepreneurs Association (ASEMPOSIL) is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 1985 and represents the interests of Silvota's Industrial Park entrepreneurs.

ASEMPOSIL searches the wellbeing of its members by providing services, and also the interests of its associates, managing the common services of the industrial park, such as vigilance services, CCTV,  maintenance of the water's supply network, cleaning, gardening the common areas, day nursery etc.

We also offer legal, business and  finance advise, aids and grants, telecommunications, permits and licenses to start business activities And many other activities which aim at the continuous improvement of our associates.

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